An Open Letter from Cousin Chad

Note from the fans (just in case there is more than one of us)!!

It was a year of uncertainty for fans of The Summer League. Many changes seemed to be afoot amongst the ownership, but like with many high-falootin' leagues, we the fans were kept in the dark the majority of the season.

The year started out on a high note as I was selected, via a random drawing of fans, to have a division named after me. Once the honor was bestowed I discovered it was much like the key to a city, nice to know, but it just doesn't help get chicks. Seems that if I'm associated with this league and want chicks, Colorado is the place to go.

40 game reports were posted in late April - early May and I was able to get a grasp on what was shaking up to be an exciting year. Then - nothing. No news for 3 months. Had the league disbanded and me, honorary division head, not been told? No, it seems there was a franchise in dire need and was about to disband. Say it ain't so, Joe! Alas, it was...Joe Hauser's franchise was pulling the plug. From the bleachers it sounds like his commitment to family, work and getting a life took precedent over APBA baseball. All eyes at this time turned to Steve Swinea, who had somehow managed to play 5 years in The Summer League while his wife didn't even know. After a long talk, and many concessions I am sure, Steve was allowed to continue his affiliation with The Summer League.

Not personally knowing many of the managers in The Summer League, I had to use my imagination as I pictured games being played whenever 2 members could get together. This led to a very humorous image of Steve playing in a closet so his wife wouldn't find him. Steve immediately became a fan favorite for having a team named after liquor I cannot stomach. And I hoped in my deepest of hopes that every time one of his players hit a homer he looked his opponent in the eye and stated with a straight face.."Gobble, gobble!"

8 long months after the 40 game mark, the season was completed. Much to this follower's dismay, the Turkeys were cooked on Thanksgiving. I had hoped Bob Taterka could lead the Soso Impersonation out of the Cousin Chad Division and onto the Spit Cup title, but it was not to be.

With so many of the owners flung across the globe it is remarkable a 16 game schedule can be played much less a full 162 game season. I have yet to be able to attend a game in person as ticket prices have skyrocketed as owners try to deal with the rising costs of DSL, cable modems, kids, fiances, new homes, etc. But, don't worry owners, until Greg makes a pay site, I will be there!

Chad "Joe Fan" Nims