Savoy Truffles franchise announcement

(AP)Savoy, France

In a tribute unlike any other (well, since Steve Swinea won't be in the league this year), Chris Klein has announced today that he is moving his storied franchise to the outskirts of France, to honor former Beatle, the late George Harrison, by naming his team the Savoy Truffles. An interview with Mr. Klein revealed a lot about the choice.

"Like most of my team names, this one really hits close to my heart. There was a lot of factors that helped my decision. On a trip to Florida in mid-October, I was playing this song, and said to myself that it would be a good team name. Then, George died, and that pretty much sealed my team's fate. George was me favourite living Bea' le.

Someone recently asked me what five CD's I would take with me to a deserted island. (I, of course, worked box sets, and double cd's into the equation, so I took like 15!) But, the Beatles White Album was on that list. On that album is George's "Savoy Truffle". It is kind of goofy song, one that I believe he wrote while high, and eating a box of chocolates at Eric Clapton's house or something.

Savoy itself was somewhat of a good fit for my team. It is in France, where the people are known to be rude (if the shoe fits...). It also has some historical significance, as one of those wars in Europe a long time ago was started partly because of a France-Italy border dispute, involving Nice and Savoy. This seemingly perfect match will hopefully be the start of a perfect season. If nothing else, I should get the most hospitable owner award again.

Last year, being in Hawaii, I won the award hands-down. Maybe when the other teams road trip to France this year, they can have fun there too."

History? Rudeness? Tribute to a Beatle? Sounds like a Klein. Sounds like a championship season.