Good Kids To Honor The Original Good Kid Rest Of The Way

Bridgeport Good Kids have announced they are dedicating the rest of their SL 2001 season to their respected namesake, Lou Boudreau. Lou died last week at 84 years young.

Bridgeport GM/manager Steve Swinea has decided to step aside as manager and allow shortstop Chipper Jones to assume player/manager duties for the rest of the season. Chipper Jones becomes the first player/manager in SL history.

"Is there any greater way to honor a man than to mimic his actions?" asked former manager Swinea. "Oh sure, we could throw a black patch on the sleeve with perhaps "L.B. - Good Kid" on it but we're going to take that extra step for Mr. Boudreau."

Player/manager Chipper Jones responded to the news by stating "It's been one surprise after another this year. First I was drafted to be the starting thirdbaseman and then I end up being the everyday shortstop. Now I'll have the added responsibilities and duties of handling the ballclub. This will definitely cut into my time of fathering out of wedlock children with other women other than my wife."

GM Swinea just hopes Jones and the rest of the squad do not let the depressing news of Lou's death further drag down their play. Since starting the season 24-16, the Good Kids have gone 31-39 and have a 55-55 record. But if the good kids continue to reel, GM Swinea has his alibi. "If the club continues to struggle, you bet we'll use Lou's death as an excuse for our poor performance. Who could continue to play at such a high level while under such emotional grief? If we win, it will all be due to my brilliance. You know, per usual."

Always first to announce where his squad will be located and named for the upcoming SL campaign, GM Swinea also announced that next years SL franchise will be located in Boudreau's birthplace of Harvey, Illinois and will be called Harvey Moe Bergs. "We were going to locate in Highland Park, Illinois and be called the Highland Park Moe Bergs," explained Swinea, " but Lou's death necessitated and facilitated this relocation. We're keeping the Moe Berg part."

The Good Kids have announced there scheduled contest for this Wednesday night has been cancelled so that the players can attend Lou Boudreau's wake in Frankfort, Illinois. Anyone holding tickets for this contest is just out of luck. Much like the Good Kid.