Summer League - 2001
Hot Stove League Meeting Minutes From Friday January 26, 2001
Steve Swinea, league secretary

Host: Ken Klein, Black River Falls
Joe Hauser, Valhalla Vikings
Chris Klein, Honolulu Hummers
Dave Basler, Griswold Rust
Steve Swinea, Bridgeport Good Kids
Keith Klein, Denali Asps
Graham Haas (via NetMeeting), Golden Showers
Greg Nims (via NetMeeting), Gilt Edge Splinters

The Hot Stove League meeting started approximately a little after 8:30 PM CST.

Agreements reached for Summer League 2001:

1. A proposal becomes a rule by a two-thirds vote.

2. For a trade to be made in Summer League, all teams involved must be within 10
games played of each other.

3. Centerfielders are limited to playing centerfield during the Summer League
playoffs by the chart below:

MLB CF Games Played	SL Playoff CF Games Allowed
0-6 games			0 games
7-18 games			1 game
19-31 games			2 games
32-43 games			3 games
44-56 games			4 games
57-68 games			5 games
69-81 games			6 games
82-162 games			7 games

In addition, if all playoff valid rostered CFs are unable to play CF for a
playoff game, the player who has the most CF games played during MLB must play

4. After clinching a playoff spot, a ballclub may continuously start (within the
current Summer League guidelines of 4 days of rest for starting pitchers) up to
two free agent pitchers.

5. All players are limited to 8% of their actual MLB plate appearances in a
playoff series.

6. Whichever GM has the best record and is not dropping any players from his
roster during the 40 game Drop-And-Add free agent process runs the free agent

7. A ballplayer may not be dropped during the free agent process if he has gone
over 25% of his actual MLB totals in regards to any one of the following
categories: games played, games in centerfield, relief innings pitched, starting
innings pitched, plate appearances and stolen base attempts.

8. All Summer League rules are continuous unless amended or deleted.

9. A manager may not remove a ballplayer if there is not a valid substitute on
the bench.

10. Summer League trades may only involve players and or draft picks from the
current season. A general manager may not trade non-Summer League commodities
such as money, beer, cars and the like.

11. Any scenarios that develop which dictate that a player must appear at a
position he is not rated for should be resolved by the two competing managers in
a gentlemans agreement.

12. One general manager per division will act as a Division Auditor. This duty
involves verifying that ballplayers within that division stay within their
allowed Summer League plate appearances, innings pitched, stolen base attempts
and games played in centerfield. 

Draft Order determined By Straight Pick:

Pedro.		Bob
2. 		Dave
3.		Ken
4. 		Graham
5.		Chris
6.		Steve
7. 		Greg
8. 		Keith
9. 		Joe

Divisions Determined By Straight Pick

Bob        Chris   Steve
Graham     Greg    Keith
Dave       Ken     Joe