Keith Klein Rates the Owners

***News, Notes, and Opinions from Keith Klein***

It's a simple game.
You throw the ball,
You hit the ball,
You catch the ball.

A long, strange trip for some, a fruitful and joyous journey for others, the Summer League's 1997 recently closed with Greg again stealing the Spit Cup. As the Summer League's Official Scribe, I hope you'll enjoy my Summer League samplings.

Let me introduce you to myself and to my foes--the owners/GM's/managers I've had the privilege to combat in the SL's first six seasons. The numbers are my incalculable Palmer/Thorn ranking, first of the owners GM skills, second of their managerial skil ls, with a comment or two attached.

GM skillsManagerial Skills
Greg Nims92Rosters are sometimes too pinch run constrictive, otherwise a perfect formula95 According to Steve "he acted, I reacted", three moves ahead of the game
Keith Klein87 Most balanced teams, but never most talented80Not sure how I arrived at this number
Ken Klein70Always leaves a gaping hole amid very talented teams65Good lineup maker and "understander" of APBA, but holds onto and applies misguided and unfounded notions
Chris Klein70Leaves smaller holes than Ken, about 3rd best talent every completed year, his trading days are behind him65Probably least among Big 4 in applying APBA board nuances, some questionable player moves, MANAGED his way to 1996 title
John Bryant50Minus trades and love for Tettleton, he'd be a 6525Passivist game manager, uncaring lineup maker
Jim Frank55Lotsa promise, probably a 60 w/out his draft day '97 proclamation to not look at the computer for the first five rounds45Way too aggressive at times, puts in lineups and manages o n whims too often, aggressiveness is a plus compared to the scrubs
Steve Swinea30Most likely to improve among '97 scrubs35Keeps starters in one batter too long, pinch hits w/ wrong guys, benches wrong guys, did handle relief staff well
Dan Casper20Reactive at best, improved drafting in '96, but then made terrible free agent pickups40 Indistinct managerial style, above the worst, below the good
Joe Hauser30Started out ok in '97 draft, then faded away, high marks for not trading away his team to Steve30Keeps pitchers in six batters too long, plays second line talent too often
Tommy Maloney30Shrewd draft strategist10Wake Up, Tommy!, Tommy can you hear me!
Brian Boice25Had a good team minus the Minnesotans45Showed promise, but was constricted by GM Hubert Humphrey

Here's the ratings recap:

  1. Greg-187
  2. Keith-167
  3. Ken-135
  4. Chris-135
  5. Jim-100
  6. John-75
  7. Ensign$-70
  8. Steve-65
  9. Dan-60
  10. Joe-60
  11. Tommy-40



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