A brief history of time

Beginning in the summer of '94, the Summer League has been a face-to-face APBA league with anywhere from 6 to 10 teams, using APBA Baseball for Windows.

In '94, stationed in the car parker office, we played with 6 teams over a 48 game schedule. How naive we were. With half the summer left and our season over with, we hastily organized an All-Time teams league, which was eaten by Commisioner Ken Klein's hard drive.

In '95, we settled on a 80 game schedule, still with 6 teams, and we finished in a month. After completing the first season, we played a 60 game schedule. Finally, we set out to complete a 162 game schedule. Alas, the 162 gamer was also eaten by Ken's hard drive.

The winter of '95-'96 signaled the end of the dark ages of the 486. In '96 and beyond, all league games would be played with pentium power.

The '96 season is the dawn of the modern era of the Summer League, having grown to 7 teams and a 144 game schedule, to replicate the strike-shortened season's numbers.

The '97 season brought more growth to the league, as we competed with 8 teams for 162 games.

The '98 saw even more expansion, as the league grew to 9 teams and allowed the league to grow to 3 divisions, along with one wild card. This format has continued into the 2006 season. In 2007, we are now up to our 10th team, and will have two divisions, with the two division winners and two wild cards as the playoff teams.

In the league, we draft entirely new teams every year. In '95, for the second season, each manager was alloted 5 players he could 'protect', and then a redraft of the remaining players.