The Raw ratings were posted on 3/20/2015.

Raw rosters posted on 3/27/2015.

Updated rosters posted 3/31/2015.

Draft board posted around 3/31/2015.

1)      April 3rd - Trade window open

b.      Remember - before the draft starts each teamís roster must be at 34 players so 
		if you trade a player for a draft pick you may have to cut an extra guy.

c.       Remember #2 - Injured Reserve - you are allowed to protect 1 guy that was on your 
			roster last year that is not listed on the new disk.  If that is the 
			case you need to drop down to 33 active players plus your 1 guy on injured reserve.

2)      April 23rd - All roster cuts due to Kevin/Greg.

a.       Please cc all league members on your cuts so that everyone can see who is being 
		added to the free agent pool

b.      Review the draft board and made sure your trades are reflected on the board

3)      April 25th-ish - post cut down roster are posted on the web site

4)      April 30th - Noon EST the draft starts.