With out further ado here is my mostly annual mock draft:

Albuquerque - selects - OT Joe Thomas
I had a hard time with this one not sure which way the Rattlesnakes would lean on the top pick so I flipped a coin between Thomas and Willis.  It came up Willis but my gut tells me that Thomas is the pick that completes the o-line building process and is a strength for the team for the next 5 years

San Antonio - selects RB Adrian Peterson
What's not to like about a guy that runs 100 mph? A great rookie season and a 5.1 average per rush make him a stud in the backfield, just has to stay away from the injury bug.

Pittsburg (formerly Baltimore)  - selects DL Justin Tuck
The team needs a QB but I there are none on the board that warrant a pick this high, maybe a trade down?  If no offers materialize then the Roughriders will take the versatile Justin Tuck to field a pretty good d-line with some flexibility with 2 guys with a DL rating.

Krakow (formerly Omaha) - selects OG Ryan Lilja
Still no pick for Willis I am surprised as well but that is the way the cookie crumbles, with young EJ Henderson handling the middle there are more pressing needs elsewhere and Ryan fills the bill on a missing OG spot on the line.  It ain't sexy but it will help

Las Vegas - selects Patrick Willis
Finally the defensive rookie of the year is off the board.  He is going to have to beat out Matt Wilhem and Napoleon Harris in camp to win the job.  Anyone willing to give odds?

Indy - selects WR Roddy White
I thought maybe DT here but with Tuck already gone it seems a little early in the draft to take a guy rated 6.  Roddy White had a break out season catching passes from the JV QBs in Atlanta - Chris Redmem are you kidding me?  If the Falcons draft a QB this weekend White has nothing but upside

San Diego - selects OT Jeremy Trueblood
As the Giants showed in the Superbowl you have to give Tom Brady time to throw those 50+ td passes and with only some 6s protecting the blindside and the frontside Tommy ain't going to have the time.

Denver - selects OLB James Harrison
I originally had Denver taking a RB -what are the odds? but with only the big guy gone and several RBs on the board I figure that need gets addressed at the top of the 2nd round.  Denver is loaded with talent and has the look of a contender.  Harrison is older but he will be the star in the middle level of the defense and I think it is time for Denver to just win baby

Alaska - selects LB Jon Beason
A great value at this point in the draft and the LB rating provides some good flexibility in the defense, not that he will be overtaking DeMarco Ryans in the middle but the addition of Beason to Ryans and Karlos Danby gives the Grizzlies a LB core that will be good to great for the foreseeable future.

Mexico City - selects S Laron Landry
The Invaders take the first safety off the board and get a good one. Landry had a good rookie season and has a ton of upside

Philly - selects - ILB David Harris
After a great rookie year with the uggghhh Jets Harris makes his way to the Freedom who annually challenge for a division title, something he won't experience in the NFL for at least a few years

Arizona - selects OG-OT Andrew Whitworth
Not sure I like this pick but since I made it I will stick with it.  With no defenders rated high enough to win a starting job, the Tombstone look to provide Peyton with some extra time to throw the ball.  Playing two positions also provides some flexibility if the injury bug bites one of the starting OTs

Minnesota - selects DE-LB Calvin Pace
The Sun Dogs take the one year wonder out of Arizona who signed with the ugggghhh Jets.  Is Pace finally comfortable as an outside rusher in the 3-4?  The Jets and the Sundogs believe he is and will put up big numbers in the big Apple

New York - selects - WR Dwayne Bowe
Bowe becomes the wingman for stud WR Larry Fitzgerald and gives QB Jeff Garcia another big target to find.  If the Kansas City QB situation gets figured out Bowe could be a monster unless he continues the David Boston workout plan.

Chicago - selects - WR Bobby Engram
Another pick I do not like but makes sense to me.  Engram is ancient at 34 but after a trip to the ALT Bowl GM Greg Nims needs to get back there and finish the job.  Chicago needs someone with more than 53 catches to be the #1 WR in town and Engram fills the bill

Hollywood selects - CB Darrelle Revis
The defending champs are looking like chumps on defense where a group of battle tested veterans last year just look old this year.  Revis fills a need in the secondary where there are the most injuries and even though he plays for the ugggghhh Jets he looks to have some upside in him.

That's it guys, hope you enjoy making fun of my picks for the next day or so before the real deal gets started.