2004 Trades and Transactions


The Philadelphia Freedom cuts Derrick Rogers to get back to 44.

The Alaska Grizz drops Josh Reed-WR and signs Ronald Curry-WR

San Antonio sends Aeneas Williams to Philadelphia for the Freedom's 
2nd-round pick.

Chicago cuts Dan Klecko and Mike Rumph and signs Allen Rossum and 
Marcus Robinson. 

The Arizona Tombstone sends WR Reggie Wayne and DT Jason Ferguson 
to New Jersey for WR Keenan McCardell and DT Shaun Rogers.

Omaha deals Jon Runyan, Javon Walker, Lavar Arrington, Jerome Woods, 
Quincy Carter, and a 2nd-round pick to Phila. for Tra Thomas, Chris 
Hovan, Donnie Abraham, Joey Harrington, Mike Doss and the Freebies' 3rd round pick.


The recent trade pushed Jersey over the 44-man limit, so the Regs cut Gary Walker.

New Jersey sends Jon Jansen and its 3rd-round pick to Hollywood for Ryan
Diem and Jermaine Phillips.


Dougie axes Damion McIntosh and sigs Ray "Grampa" Brown. 
Also, with the roster spot made available by the M.C. trade,
N.Y. signs CB Terrence McGee and puts him in the lineup 
so that he'll be eligible for the carryover roster.

The Grizz cuts OT Wade Smith and signs OT Stockar McDougle. 
McDougle goes into the starting lineup in order to be 
eligible for the carryover roster.

With Ted "Mount" Washington out for four games, the Stars 
sign Larry Chester. Chester will not carry-over.

Chicago axes Marcus Robinson and signs Brandon Stokley, who 
goes into the lineup and is eligible for carryover.

With injured incumbent Jermane Mayberry coming back from the injured
list, Omaha decides to cut him and keep injury replacement Jamie Nails.

The Football Knights deal Chris Naeole to Mexico City for 
Alaska's 8th-round pick (owned by the Invaders) and Chicago's
9th-round pick (owned by the Invaders). M.C. cuts RB Lamar 
Gordon to get the roster back to 44.


The Hollywood Stars send Grant Wistrom and their 2nd- and 7th-round picks to the 
New York Football Knights for Michael Strahan. 


The season on injury misery continues for Dougie "Rivers" Cuomo 
and the N.Y. Football Knights.

First, with Shaun Wms. returning from ding land, the Knights cut 
injury replacement Sammy Football Knight. Too bad, for
obvious reasons.

Second, with Dan Morgan out now with a serious ding, N.Y. signs 
LB Larry Foote. Foote is going to start, so he will be
eligible for the carryover roster.

Finally, in a rebuilding move, N.Y. cuts William Joseph and signs 
Fred Robbins. Robbins also goes into the starting
lineup and thus is eligible for carryover.


Denver Dave cuts DE Courtney Brown and signs OG Shaun O'Hara. O'Hara 
goes into the startling lineup and thus is eligible for carryover.

Hamilton welcomes Mike Alstott back from the injury list with a pink slip.

Also, with Ian Gold returning from the injury shelf, the New York Football 
Knights cut injury replacement Brandon Short. And, New York signs Doug 
Flutie once again to fill in for the injured Chad Pennington.


The Denver Demons release OT Mike Williams and sign OG Russ Hochstein.

The Indianapolis Cobras cut T Phil Bogle and sign T George Foster,

The New York Football Knights cut aforementioned Dougie Flutie and sign the aforementioned Mike Williams.


Chicago sends Shannon Sharpe and a 9th-rounder to Mexico City for Freddie

The Chicago Caravans also make these drop/adds:

drop K Morten Anderson and pick up K Neil Rackers
drop Travis Taylor and pick up Reche Caldwell
drop Allen Rossum and pick up Eric Parker WR/PR


The New York Football Knights cut aforementioned Dougie Flutie and sign OT Mike Williams.

The Denver Demons release OT Mike Williams and sign OG Russ Hochstein.

The Indianapolis Cobras cut T Phil Bogle and sign T George Foster3


Denver would like to pick up center Seth McKinney and OT Kevin Shaffer 
and release center Mike Flynn and QB Patrick Ramsey.

Hollywood cuts Eddie George and signs S Jermaine Phillips.

New York releases injury replacement Reggie Kelly now that Shockey is returning from his ding.

Mexico City Invaders cut Marcel Shipp and sign the recently axed Jerome McDougle.

Hollywood cuts Jerome McDougle and signs Langston Walker.


The Knights will resign the Knight, Sammy that is, as an injury replacement for Shaun Williams.


The Towers cut Jimmy Kennedy and pick up Rashad Moore.


The Alaska Grizzlies drop OLB Peter Sirmon and sign OLB Rocky Boiman.

The Hamilton Steelhawks cut John Randle and and Willie Blade and sign John
Thornton and Ryan Pickett.

With Mayberry out for an extended period, Omaha signs Jamie Nails as an
injury replacement.


Hamilton signs Mack Strong as an injury replacement for Mike Alstott, who 
won't be seen for a while. Per the rules, the 'Hawks will have to cut Strong or 
someone else when Alstott returns.

Also, the suddenly banged-up NYFootballKnights execute two injury signings. 
They ink Reggie Kelly for Jeremy Shockey and Brandon Short for Ian Gold.

Also, with Chad Pennington out and no starter-eligible backup, Dougie cuts 
Sammy Football Knight -- what a shame given that name -- and picks up Doug 


The Steelhawls cut Ricky Proehl and sign Will Demps.

The injury to Patrick Ramsey forces Denver Dave to do a drop/add in order to 
have an eligible QB to start the next two weeks. Gone: ILB Terry Pierce. 
Signed: Jeff Blake.

Seattle cuts extra punter Matt Turk and signs CB Asante Samuel.


Indy is forced to cut LB John Mobley and sign S Adrian Wilson.


Before their 10th round pick, Indianapolis cuts Joe Nedney, K


MC cuts Aaron Beasley CB to get the roster back to 44


A big trade between MC and NJ just went down. Aaron Brooks and the Invaders 3rd-rounder for next year goes to the
Regulators for Trent Green and the Regulators' 4th-rounder for next year.

MC deals its 9th-round pick to Alaska for the Grizzlies' 8th-rounder next year.

MC cuts Ephraam Salaam to get back to 44.


Mexico City sends its 10th round pick and its 7th-rounder for *next year* 
to Denver for the Demons' 8th- and 9th-rounders this year.


Hollywood sends Denver its 3rd 5th and 8th rounder next year for K. 
Robinson and the return of Hollywood's 8th rounder this year

MC deals its 2nd round pick for next year to the Demons for Darrell Jackson.

Trade completed immediately preceeding Baltimore's 3rd round pick:

Donnie Edwards OLB8 and Baltimore's current pick for Walter Jones OT9

Trade completed immediately preceeding Hollywood's 3rd round pick:

Hollywood gets Arizona's 3rd, 4th and 8th round picks
Arizona gets Hollywood's 3rd and 6th round picks


Philly sends the newly acquired Jeff Mitchell C to Hamilton for
Robert Griffith S.


Trade completed near the 7th pick:

Philly deals Barber to Seattle for the Rain's 1st-round pick and Jeff Mitchell.


Mexico City and Philly swing a deal in the AFA. The Freedom sends
Matt Light and their 8th rounder to the Invaders for M.C.'s remaining
1st-round pick, the Invaders' 4th-round pick and future


The Invaders deal C7 Hank Fraley and ILB7 Mike Barrow to Chicago for OG6 Kynan
Forney and OLB8 Carlos Emmons.