2004 AFA Mock Draft

by Hollywood

Since I made the horrific mistake of trading my first round pick for a broken down Rich Gannon the only way I can participate is to make everyone else's picks for them. So here it goes.

1. Denver - Dominic Davis RB (justing kidding Denver already has enough backs to run the wishbone) Eric Steinbach OG
Is a guard really going to go first overall? I say yes. If Tim Rattay had the qualifying attempts I think he goes first but since he is 7 attempts short of being a starter it falls to Steinbach. Will give the Demons solid play for years to come and solidifies the interior of a developing line.

2. Alaska - Anquan Boldin WR - Tough to argue with the stats. Not too many 100+ catches 1,300+ yds receiving guys in the league. Gives the Grizz a big time receiver to go with the Edge in the backfield.

3. Mexico City - Terrell Suggs DE - With the rest of the D-Line already in place all that is missing is the other Defensive End. Suggs and his new friends on the D-Line should make it hard for opposing Quarterbacks to keep their jerseys white.

4. Hamilton - Kevin Williams DL - The DL rating will give new Hamilton GM some flexibility in creating a front 4 with other highly rated DL Trevor Pryce.

5. New Jersey - Terrance Newman CB - not really a need pick here but Newman represents the best value and gives New Jersey a great cornerback tandem for the next 5 years. Could take a running back but NJ will gamble that Hearst has enough in him to last the season.

6. Indy - Chike Okeafor DE - Indy needs some warm bodies on the D-line and Okeafor will be solid against the run and the pass.

7. San Antonio - Dominic Davis RB - With TJ Duckett splitting the carries with Dunn in Atlanta the future value of Duckett is in question. The Vikes get a featured back that will be playing behind a line that seems to be getting better.

8. Toronto - Jeno James OG - Missing piece of a line that should keep Favre upright and provide holes for Dillon and Taylor to run through.

9. Chicago - Jake Delhomme QB - Chicago is hoping that Delhomme will bring some of that playoff magic to Chicago to break the curse but his best bet may be to hand off to Ahman Green and watch him run.

10. Seattle - Mike Vrabel LB - Seattle could take a DE here as well but getting a guy rated an 8 with the 10th pick is pretty good value and the New England defense should keep Vrabel a solid rated defender for the next couple of years.

11. Indy (from Hollywood) Andre Johnson WR - The Cobras get a playmaking wide out who is only going to get better with the emergence of Davis and Carr.

12. Omaha - Marcus Trufant CB - Omaha has its pick of CBs rated at 7, although Tyronne Poole is 31 so he will not be the pick. Tillman maybe but Trufant gets the nod. Why? Its my mock draft thats why.

13. Baltimore - Nick Barnett ILB - The Baltimore roster is full of big time players and coming off a 14-4 season there is not too much room to improve except for the playoffs. Barnett fills a hole in the middle of maybe the best LBs in the AFA. Poor Donnie Edwards rated an 8 and can't get on the feild with Brooks and Boulware ahead of him. A trade perhaps?

14. New York - Charles Tillman CB - The perrenial playoff team has a few more holes to fill than usual due to some injuries where there was not much depth. While Tillman does not play for Giants or the J-E-T-S Dougie will go outside of the Apple when the talent warrants it and Tillman fits the bill.

15. Arizona - Daniel Koppen C - Arizona looks the part of the preseason favourite. Leading rusher, leading receiver, co-MVP QB, X-factor for the return teams. But as some guy on TV always says " That why they play the games." Koppen files a hole in the middle of the line and allows Ben Hamilton to move to guard and puts big David Dixon on the bench near the oxygen.

16. Mexico (from Philly) - Rudi Johnson RB - The Invaders look to solve their running back problems with the new tiger in town. With Dillion pouting his way out of Cincy, Rudi should get more chances to improve that average and get to 1000 yards.