ABA 2011 Trades and Transactions




Hartford picks up Josh Tomlin, P and cuts Reid Brignac, INF.  Tomlin goes 
into rotation for Homer Bailey.

Indy cuts Barry Zito and James MacDonald and picks up Kyle Lohse and Paul Maholm. 

Indy picks up Antonio Bastardo and places him in the bullpen in place of Bobby Parnell.


The Hartford Dark Blues acquire free agent Maicer Izturis and cut Ty Wigginton. 
Izturis goes into the starting lineup in Wigginton's spot.


Buffalo signs SP Justin Masterson, cut SP Jason Vargas

Buffalo signs C George Kottaras, cut C Jason Castro (out for season)

Fort Lauderdale has also reached into the FA market

Mimosa drops Tyler Clippard-rhp
Mimosa adds FA-rhp  Rich Thompson

Hartford is cutting Carlos Silva (fat, attitude problem) and picking up Derek
Lowe (old, good attitude) 


Fairbanks trades it's 2011 9th round pick for Buffalo's 2010 9th round pick (from Indy, 
currently pending), and then selects David Ross, C


Miami trades its current 7th and 9th rounders for Mississippi's 2011 6th 

Miami trades it's 8th rounder (immediately on the clock) to FLL for it's 
7th round next year.  

Buffalo trades its 9th round pick to FLL for their 2011 8th round pick.


Buffalo sends the 15th pick of the 8th round, originally Alberta's, to
R-D for their 2011 8th round pick.

Fairbanks sends their 9th round pick to R-D for CF Franklin Gutierrez.


Hudson trades a 2011 7th rounder for Alberta's current 7th rounder.


Buffalo trades the last pick of the 8th round, originally Mississippi's, to 
Tucson for their 2011 7th round pick.


Fairbanks Sends Gordon Beckham and Josh Willingham to Memphis for Memphis's 
Second round and 6th round picks in 2011.

Manhattan trades its current on-the-clock 6th round pick and its 2011 6th 
round pick to Hartford for OF JD Drew.


FLL gets Hartford's 6th rd pick this year for FLL 2011 4th rd pick


Hartford trades its 4th round pick for Mississippi's 2011 3rd round pick.


ABQ trades Thole and their seventh round pick to Hudson for SP Lilly
and their ninth round pick.


Fairbanks Sends it's 2010 3rd Round pick to Ft. Lauderdale for Dan Haren, SP