2009 ABA Trades and Transactions

Fort Lauderdale trades SS Miguel Tejada to Hudson for RP George Sherrill.


R-D trades SP Chris Volstad for ABQ's 4th round pick.

Buffalo trades SP Andrew Miller for Hudson's 9th round draft pick.

To make room for newly acquired Andrew Miller, HUD makes a salary 
dump move and releases Travis (I have no position) Hafner.

Miami traded its 10th round pick to New Orleans in exchange for Skip


San Antonio Diables relocate with the new name:  Fort Lauderdale Freedom Fighters


R-D trades its 8th rounder to Hartford for Leo Nunez.


ABA 2008 World Series ends and the season is over.  Cut deadline established as 8.10.09 at 11:59pm CT.


San Antonio grabs C Max Ramirez and cut Mitch Stetter.

Buffalo sends a 5th round pick to Fairbanks for SP Justin Duchscherer.
Buffalo drops C Max Ramirez to stay at 32.

San Antonio sends a 4th rounder to Hudson for 1B Carlos Delgado.
San Antonio cuts SP Ian Kennedy to get back to 32.


R-D sends former #1 pick SP Scott Kazmir and a 4th rounder to Hudson for 
OF Brad Hawpe.


Indy picks up 3B Pedro Feliz and SS Julio Lugo, dropping C Brian Schneider.  
Indy still had an open roster spot from a previous trade, so only one drop 
was required. Both players will go into their starting lineup.

Miami drops RP Dennys Reyes to get back to 32 after their recent trade.


San Antonio trades SP Carl Pavano to Fairbanks for OF Coco Crisp.

Indy sends Tim Hudson to Miami for its #5 pick.

Indy picks up SP Mike Hampton.


Miami picks up the recently released SP Jon Garland.  Miami had an empty  
roster spot, so no drop was required.  Garland enters Miami's rotation per
the rules.

Indianapolis sends SP Chien-Ming Wang to Manhattan for a 2nd round pick.
Manhattan drops SP Jon Garland to make room.


Hartford would like to pick up SP Kevin Millwood and drop Scott Lewis. Millwood goes 
into Hartford's rotation, following league rules.


Fairbanks will send C Mike Napoli, SP John Lackey, and CF Shane Victorino to 
Mississippi for C AJ Pierzynski, CF Adam Jones, and SP Erik Bedard and a 2nd rounder 
if Mississippi wins the division or a 3rd rounder otherwise.


Hartford Cut Scott Olsen, pick up Brian Bannister.  Bannister takes Olsen's spot in rotation.


Hartford is cutting minor league journeyman 2B Travis Denker and picking up Pirate 
Freddy Sanchez.  Per league rules, Sanchez slides into Hartford's starting lineup.


Miami has been at 26 players since the draft.  They have picked up the following 5 players and still have one open spot.

De la Rosa
Ian Snell
Ben Francisco
Brandon Moss


Hartford would like to cut Brian Bannister, P and pick up Zach Duke, P.


ABQ 8th rounder in next year's draft to Fairbanks for Jason Kendall.

Miami trades its 6th rounder in next year's draft to Buffalo for both of Buffalo's 8th 
round picks (its own and Miami's original 8th).

Mississippi trades its 9th and both 11th rounders to Tucson for Tucson
2009(next year's) 7th rounder.


Buffalo trades Manhattan's former 7th round pick for San Jose's ABA2009 7th round pick.

Buffalo trades its current 7th round pick for Mississippi's ABA2009 7th round pick.


Buffalo trades both its 6th rounders to Mississippi for their 4th and 
11th round picks for next year.


Mississippi sends 3B Edwin Encarncion, SP Andy Sonnastine, and a 7th 
rounder to Fairbanks for SP Adam Wainwright and his 11th and 13th round picks.


Buffalo trades the 12th pick of the 6th round (originally Miami's) and
Buffalo's 10th round pick to Fairbanks for 3B Ty Wigginton.


ABQ trades their 6th round pick to Alberta for C Ramon Hernandez.


We have run into another situation where a draft pick was traded twice.   
Mississippi had traded their 10th rounder for this year to Hartford, then
traded it to Buffalo (me).

The Buff/Miss trade included Mississippi's 10th for this year and 10th for
next year.  Instead, Mississippi is going to give Buffalo their 8th for   
next year.


Brett Myers and Hartford's 9th round pick


Alberta's 3rd round and 7th round picks


Buffalo sends SP Kyle Lohse to Miami for their 4th round draft pick.


Fairbanks sends to Mississippi their 2nd and 3rd round picks plus DH Jim 
Thome and SP Josh Johnson for 1B Conor jackson and Mississippi's 2nd and 
original 3rd round pick (1st pick in 3rd round)


ABA2009 draft begins with Mississippi's selection of 3B Evan Longoria.