2005 ABA Trades and Transactions


The Roadrunners grab Fernando Rodney, RP, to round out their roster.  

Also, ABQ does a drop/add, grabbing Jason Frasor, RP, and dropping Akinori Otsuka, RP.


Omaha fills a couple of its roster vacancies by signing 
Aaron Cook, SP, and Humberto Cota, C.


They're moving in the fences at River Rat Ravine. 
Mississippi boss Sherwood announces that the Mudflaps' 
Park will go from -9 in hitter-friendliness to a plus-3.

Alberta drops T. Armas and adds J. Tyner, of,  Min. 


Mississippi will cut David Wells and sign Randy Wolf

Brooklyn picks up Travis Lee, 1B, Wes Helms, 3B, Mike Gallo, RP


Alberta adds Jon Rauch, RP, Was

Buffalo adds Kyle Davies, SP, ATL

Mississippi drops Casey Blake, OF, CLE and adds Luis Matos, OF, BAL.


The Buffalo Wings have traded 3B Hank Blalock to New Orleans for their
2006 2nd and 6th round draft picks.  New Orleans cuts Jerry Hairston Jr. 
to make room.


Mississippi sends it's 2006 12th round draft pick to New Orleans for the 'Laws' 
13th rounder for this year.


The Buffalo Wings trade OF Brad Wilkerson for Memphis' 2006 10th round pick.


The Buffalo Wings have sent OF Alex Rios to San Jose for their 11th
round draft selection.


HUD trades Mike Matheny and a 7th-round pick to NEW ORLEANS for Javy Lopez.


Alberta sends Coco Crisp and an 8th round pick to Hudson for Sean Casey. 


ABQ deals Brad Penny and a 10th-rounder to Manhattan for Bengie Molina.


Hartford sends Vernon Wells and their third-round pick to Mississippi for
Jimmy Rollins.


San Jose sends Jimmy Rollins to Mississippi for Chad Cordero.


The first post-cuts trade: NO gets Jorge Posada from San Jose 
for a 5th-round pick.


Mississippi deals Johnny Damon to Manhattan for
Eric Chavez.


The Buffalo Wings send Yadier Molina to San Jose for the Hammers' 5th
round draft pick.

SA sends a 9th-rounder to Miami for Edgardo Alfonzo.


The Buffalo Wings send RF/1B Nick Swisher to Albuquerque for ABQ's 6th round
pick in the fall 2005 draft.

Indy sends its 6th-round pick to New Orleans for RP Tom Gordon.


Thus begineth the off-season trading. New Orleans sends OF Preston Wilson to
Hudson for OF Scott Podsednik.


Manhattan cuts Ron Mahay and signs Victor Santos.


Manhattan cuts Ross Gload and signs Ryan Franklin, who goes into the starting
rotation per the rules.


Omaha sends Rafael Furcal ("Fecal," as GM Stemple likes to call him)
and its first-round pick to Manhattan for Edgar Renteria.


The Highlanders pick up Danny Graves to fill their roster vacancy. 
Per the overlap period rules, Graves has to go
on active duty to be eligible for the Highlanders' carryover roster.

Hartford cuts dave roberts to get the roster back to 32.


The Darks send Mariano Rivera and their 4th-round pick to the Wave for Brett
Myers and Juan Rivera. 


HUD sends Jack Wilson, Scott Williamson, and Mississippi's 4th round 
pick to MIA for Carlos Delgado and MIA's 7th round pick.


R-D releases Jamey Wright and signs Ruben Gotay, KC 2B.


Manhattan cuts Willie Harris and signs Gabe Gross, OF, TOR.


The Wave cuts Jamie Walker, Juan Cruz, and Royce Clayton -- 
all are current members of the farm club -- and sign Jose 
Mesa, Lance Carter, and David Riske. 


The Mammoths cut Termel Sledge and sign Chris Snyder, C, ARZ.


Miami signs Aaron Harang to fill its roster vacancy.

San Antonio cuts Luis Rivas and signs Marlon Byrd.

San Antonio deals Todd Helton to Miami for Hee Seop Choi, Danny Haren, 
and the Wave's 1st-round pick.


Brad Ausmus's head is going to be spinning when this is all over. 
The Mammoths, who grabbed Ausmus just days ago, cut him and sign 
pitching prospect Wilfredo Ledezma. Hey, nothing to lose, right?

SA deals Shingo Takatsu to SJ for the Hammers' 3rd-round draft pick. SJ cuts
Rudy Seanez to make room. SA is entitled to pick up a free agent to get the
roster back to 32.

Also, RD cuts John Van Benschoten and signs recently discarded reliever Brian


San Antonio cuts Brian Shouse and signs Tim Worrell.


Mississippi cuts Ben Davis and signs Jason Phillips.

Buffalo cuts Brad Ausmus and signs Yadier Molina.

Manhattan, which is suffering from having both its starter-eligible 
catchers injured, signs Ausmus and cuts prospect Brendan Harris.


The Buffalo Wings cut Matt Riley and sign Brad Ausmus.

The Mississippi Mudflaps cut Tony Batista and Kenny Rogers 
and sign Luis Vizcaino and Erik Bedard.

San Jose cuts Benito Santiago and signs RP Aaron Cook.


Remember when Mississippi cut Ben Davis and signed Yadier 
Molina? Well, the Flaps are now cutting Molina and re-signing 
Davis. GM Sherwood wasn't clear on the rule that made Molina 
ineligible to start games as the backup catcher on account of 
too-few ABs in the SDL.


Hudson deals Jermaine Dye and an 11th-round pick to Mississippi 
for the 'Flaps' 4th- and 6th-round pix.

Hudson fills its vacancy by signing Jason Michaels. 
Mississippi gets back down to 32 by axeing Danny 
Graves to please leave.


The Mudflaps cut Ben Davis, Jay Gibbons, and Byung-Hyun 
Kim and sign Yadier Molina, Chad Tracy and Rafael Palmiero.


The Mudflaps cut Bernie Williams and sign Jay Gibbons...


Brooklyn cuts Vance Wilson and signs Dan Wilson.


Mississippi announces a couple changes. The Flaps have moved 
back the fences at River Rat Ravine. Their ballpark is now
a minus 9.

GM Sherwood also announces that he's axing Erik Bedard and 
signing the recently released Dustin Hermanson.