2004 ABA Trades and Transactions


The Wave cuts Jamie Walker, Juan Cruz, and Royce Clayton -- 
all are current members of the farm club -- and sign Jose 
Mesa, Lance Carter, and David Riske. 


The Mammoths cut Termel Sledge and sign Chris Snyder, C, ARZ.


Miami signs Aaron Harang to fill its roster vacancy.

San Antonio cuts Luis Rivas and signs Marlon Byrd.

San Antonio deals Todd Helton to Miami for Hee Seop Choi, Danny Haren, 
and the Wave's 1st-round pick.


Brad Ausmus's head is going to be spinning when this is all over. 
The Mammoths, who grabbed Ausmus just days ago, cut him and sign 
pitching prospect Wilfredo Ledezma. Hey, nothing to lose, right?

SA deals Shingo Takatsu to SJ for the Hammers' 3rd-round draft pick. SJ cuts
Rudy Seanez to make room. SA is entitled to pick up a free agent to get the
roster back to 32.

Also, RD cuts John Van Benschoten and signs recently discarded reliever Brian


San Antonio cuts Brian Shouse and signs Tim Worrell.


Mississippi cuts Ben Davis and signs Jason Phillips.

Buffalo cuts Brad Ausmus and signs Yadier Molina.

Manhattan, which is suffering from having both its starter-eligible 
catchers injured, signs Ausmus and cuts prospect Brendan Harris.


The Buffalo Wings cut Matt Riley and sign Brad Ausmus.

The Mississippi Mudflaps cut Tony Batista and Kenny Rogers 
and sign Luis Vizcaino and Erik Bedard.

San Jose cuts Benito Santiago and signs RP Aaron Cook.


Hudson deals Jermaine Dye and an 11th-round pick to Mississippi 
for the 'Flaps' 4th- and 6th-round pix.

Hudson fills its vacancy by signing Jason Michaels. 
Mississippi gets back down to 32 by axeing Danny 
Graves to please leave.


The Mudflaps cut Ben Davis, Jay Gibbons, and Byung-Hyun 
Kim and sign Yadier Molina, Chad Tracy and Rafael Palmiero.


The Mudflaps cut Bernie Williams and sign Jay Gibbons...


Brooklyn cuts Vance Wilson and signs Dan Wilson.


Mississippi announces a couple changes. The Flaps have moved 
back the fences at River Rat Ravine. Their ballpark is now
a minus 9.

GM Sherwood also announces that he's axing Erik Bedard and 
signing the recently released Dustin Hermanson.


Miami cuts Paul Quantrill and signs Jamie Walker.

Alberta cuts Dustin Hermanon, Lance Carter, Augie Ojeda, and 
Victor Diaz and signs Billy Koch, Ryan Dempster, Mike
Redmond and Nick Green.


The Mississippi Mudflaps cut Jody Gerut and Rafael Palmeiro and sign 
Roman Colon and Ben Davis.


Miami signs Brett Myers, SP, Phi and releases Todd Greene, C.

Buffalo drops C Brad Ausmus and picks up C Todd Greene.

New Orleans signs RP Trever Miller to round out its roster.


Hartford picks up:

Kevin Gryboski, RP
Duaner Sanchez, RP
Dave Roberts, LF
Michael Cuddyer, 3B


The Mammoths cut Danny Bautista and sign Expos/Nationals
prospect Brendan Harris 3B. 


New Orleans trades the just-drafted Kaz Matsui, a 6th-rounder, 
and an 8th-rounder (the one originally belonging to Mississippi) 
for Paul Konerko and the Mudflaps' 11th-round pick.

The Outlaws then turn around and deal Konerko and Tim Wakefield 
to Omaha for Roy Halladay.


Miami deals Nomar Garciaparra to New Orleans for Carlos Delgado.


The Bulls deal Troy Glaus to Hartford for the Dark Blues' 
first-round pick.

The Miami Wave deals its 4th- and 9th-round picks for Mike 
Piazza of Mississippi.

The Manhattan Mammoths send Randy Johnson to Buffalo for Justin 
Morneau and Jon Garland.


Buffalo deals Luis Gonzalez to San Antonio for the Diablos' 7th-round


Moments before the roster-cuts deadline, Mississippi sent its 8th rounder to 
New Orleans for Casey Blake and Darren Dreifort.


The R-D Bulls send Carlos Delgado and Andy Pettitte to NO for Aramis Ramirez
and NO's 4th round pick.

R-D trades Dannys Baez, Scott Williamson, and Dmitri Young 
to Hudson for Jarrod Washburn, Chin-hui Tsao and Frank Catalanotto.


R-D sends AJ Burnett its 4th- and 6th- round draft picks (both R-D's and Hudson's) 
to ABQ for Chone Figgins, Travis Hafner, and ABQ's 6th round pick


Buffalo sends Brian Lawrence and Esteban Loiaza to Hudson for
Al Leiter and the 3rd round pick that R-D owes Hudson.

Hartford sends its 2nd- and 3rd-round picks to Indy for Jason Giambi.


Hartford and San Antonio announce a trade. The 'Blos send 
D'Angelo Jimenez to the Blues for Hartford's 4th-rounder. SA signs Desi 
Relaford to fill the vacancy. 

Hartford cuts Bo Hart to get its roster back to 32


The ABQ Roadrunners cut Ben Davis and sign Brandon Inge. Inge goes into the 
starting lineup and thus becomes eligible for the carryover roster.


Manhattan signs Juan Rincon RP and cuts Jason Michaels.

Hudson cuts Ramon Vazquez and signs Jack Wilson SS.


The Roadrunners sign Oliver Perez and Danny Graves and cut Ben Howard and 
Aaron Boone.

Hudson cuts C Yorvitt Torrealba and picks up Scott Schoeneweis. Scott goes 
into active bullpen duty per the rules.


The Mudflaps sign Matt Lawton and Tony Womack and cut Bernie Williams and 
Ramon Ortiz. Per the rules, GM Sherwood puts Womack and Lawton in his starting 
lineup to make them eligible for carry-over.

The Hudson Highlanders take another step in their building phase 
by signing Ken Harvey and cutting Mark Guthrie. Harvey goes
in the lineup per the rules.

The Manhattan Mammoths sign Danny Bautista and cut Todd Pratt. 


Hudson deals Miguel Olivo and Kenny Lofton to San Antonio for Mike 
Matheny and Jermaine Dye. 


The Mammoths cut Billy Traber and sign Jesus Christ (J.C.) Romero.


Manhattan deals longtime Mammoth Mike Piazza to the Mississippi 
Mudflaps for Benjie Molina and the 'Flaps first-round draft pick.


The Wings cut Dewon Brazelton and sign the unfortunately named Grant Balfour.


Mississippi deals Raffy Palmeiro to Indy for the A-Bombs' No. 2 pick. Indy cuts 
Robert Fick to make room.  The 'Flaps are signing Justin Speier to fill the vacancy.


The Mammoths cut Runelvys Hernandez and sign Willie Harris, 2B, CWS.


Hudson sends:

Uge Urbina
Mark Loretta
6th round pick

Raleigh Durham sends:

Chin-hui Tsao           
Todd Walker
3rd round pick
5th round pick
7th round pick
9th round pick


The Wings cut Javier Lopez (the pitcher) and sign Brian Shouse


The Mammoths axe Brian Shouse and Chris Stynes and sign Michael Restovich and 
Doug Waechter.


The Mississippi Mudflaps cuts Brandon Phillips, Jay Witasick, and Oliver Perez, 
and signs Kenny Rogers, Rocky Biddle, and Marlon Anderson.


Indy drops Bobby Higginson and picks up Keith Osik.


The Mudflaps cut Dustan Mohr and sign the recently axed Bernie Williams. 
R-D also made a move to sign Bernie, but Mississippi won the sweepstakes 
by "virtue" of its inferior record.


Brooklyn cuts Bernie Williams and signs Dan Wilson.


The Mudflaps sign John Thomson and axe John Olerud to kindly leave the premises.

Mississippi cuts Rocky Biddle and signs recent NO reject Jay Witasick.

The Javy Lopez injury forces the Outlaws to cut Witasick and sign Brook