2004 ABA Postseason Awards

Hey lads. Time for the year-end awards. First, a disclaimer. There's a large amount of subjectivity, even favoritism, that goes into this.

in recognition of an obscure player who most dramatically over-achieves. And the winner is ...

Bronson Arroyo of the San Jose Hammers. Bronson pitched a mere 17 innings in SDL 2003, barely qualifying for the ABA. San Jose, taking advantage of his low WHIP and excellent durability rating, worked him for a whopping 179 innings. Arroyo went 9-4 with a 1.50 ERA to help the Hammers make the post-season for the first time in franchise history.

in recognition of the big-name player who most dramatically under-achieves. And the winner is ...

Chipper Jones of the Miami Wave. Jones hit .305 in SDL 2003 with 27 HRs and 106 RBI. Despite playing every game for Junior Burt in ABA Season 9, Jones hit just .231 with 18 homers and a lousy 76 RBI. "It's not really my fault I hit so badly," Jones said when informed of his dubious honor. "It's a bitch playing for Junior Burt. He brings out the worst in all of us."

This used to go to the GM who used the most players, but nowadays, it's a more serious awards that recognizes of outstanding achievement by a GM. We have to go with a sentimental favorite this year and give it to a GM who's been with us since the beginning and never made the playoffs before. Gary Eshbaugh of the San Jose Hammers, come on down!