2003 ABA Trades and Transactions


Omaha signs the very recently axed Chris Woodward to get its roster to 32.

Alberta drops Chris Woodward and signs RP Erasmo Ramirez.


The Royal Giants cut Kevin Appier to get their roster down to 32. Then they execute 
a drop/add, axing Jose Vizcaino and signing Mark De Rose.


Omaha signs the recently axed Rodrigo Lopez.

The Mammoths drop Sandy Alomar and sign the pitching prospect Billy Traber, 
SP. Cle.

Memphis axes Denny Stark to leave and signs Mike Timlin, RP.


Manhattan signs Howie Clark and cuts Mike Lincoln.

San Antonio signs Jaret Wright.

Raleigh-Durham sending Karim Garcia to Hartford for Marquis Grissom.

Manhattan signs Brian Shouse, getting its roster to 32. More moves to come.

Buffalo signs Chad Cordero, RP, Mon. to get to 32

Mississippi signs Dustan Mohr, OF, SF to get to 32.


Buffalo cuts Cory Lidle, Joe Borchard, and Dennis Tankersley to get its 
roster to 31.


R-D uses its 4th round pick to select Luis Matos, CF, BAL then trades him to Albuquerque, acquiring 2B Todd Walker for the second time.


Mississippi sends Todd Walker and their First Expansion pick Eric Hinske to Alberqureure for catcher Benjie Molina and Kris Benson.


(This trade made immediately preceeding the #8 overall pick in the 2003 Fall Draft)

New Orleans deals its next pick -- the one pending now -- plus its fourth-rounder and B. Molina to the Roadrunners for Javy Lopez and
ABQ's 11th rounder.


The Mammoths deal Jim Edmonds to Omaha for Wade Miller and the Rhinos'
1st-round pick (3rd in the draft).


New Orleans deals SP Oliver Perez to ABQ for Ken's 9th round pick.

R-D sends Jim Thome and David Wells to Brooklyn for Carlos Delgado.

R-D sends Derrek Lee and Francisco Cordero to ABQ for Todd Walker and
Kenny Lofton.